Resident Experience Survey

Thank you for sharing your opinions and ideas about your community with Famicos Foundation. “Community” in this survey is the Glenville area shown in red on the map below. If you live in this red area, the first 250 households to complete all questions on the survey will receive a $10 gift card for GlenVillage as a thank you for participating. If you live outside the red area, we welcome your participation, but unfortunately cannot provide the thank-you gift.
One response per address please and you must be 18 years of age or older. All of your answers are confidential. 
Please answer the following questions about the community in which you live.

* 1. Address:

First, we'd like to know your thoughts about living in this community.

2. How long have you lived in this community?

Years Months
How long have you lived in this community?

3. Overall, considering everything, how satisfied would you say you are living in this community?

4. Please describe why you feel this way.

5. Right now, how likely are you to recommend this community to someone else as a good place to live?

6. Please describe why you feel this way.

Right now, how willing are you to become involved in your community by working with others to make things happen?

8. How much of a positive difference do you feel that you, yourself, can make in your community? 

We are also interested in the ways in which other residents are involved in the community.

How likely would you say it is that people in this community would help out if the following occurred?

Very likely Somewhat likely Somewhat unlikely Very unlikely
I needed a ride somewhere
I needed a favor, such as picking up mail or borrowing a tool.
An elderly neighbor needed someone to periodically check on him or her.
A neighbor needed someone to take care of a child in an emergency.

Now, please tell us a little about services in the community.

How would you rate the following public services in this community?

Very good Good Fair Poor Very poor Not applicable
Police response
Fire department response
Ambulance response
Trash collection

Next, we have a few questions about safety in the community.

How safe would you say you feel walking in the community during the day time?

How safe would you say you feel walking in the community at night?

Please describe why you feel this way about your safety in the community.

Now, we’d like to know about how you think the community has changed in the past three years.

For the following questions, please compare this community now to how it was three years ago. If you have lived in the community for less than three years, please compare it to how it was when you first moved in.

Compared to three years ago, how would you say this community has changed overall?

Please describe why you feel this way.

Next, please share your thoughts about how you see the future of the community.

Thinking about the next three years, how would you say this community is likely to change?

17. Please describe why you feel this way.

Finally, we’d like to finish up with a few quick questions.

Do you currently rent your home or do you own it?

19. How many children under 18 years of age live in your household?

20. In what year were you born?  

What is your gender?

22. Do you consider yourself to be Hispanic, Latino, or Latina?

What is your race?

Thank you for completing this survey.
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